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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Microbes versus Orange; part two

Earlier this year ago I set up a timelapse looking at an orange in a jar, and just let it mould up. Then I made a vloggy video of it and put it on YouTube!

Now, way later than originally intended, I've finished to followup video so you can actually see what happens. Hooray!
I'm too much of a perfectionist so wanted an impossible length of time when I was fully able to concentrate in which to edit it all perfectly, which is why it never got finished. Because neither of those things seem to ever happen these days. So, instead of waiting months and getting sad, I'm just going to do videos now and learn how to make them good as I go along rather than stressing about making them perfect from the get-go. Because it's fun! Really fun! So I'd rather do one then move on to the next one than worry over one thing for weeks. That's less fun.

Anyway, we all came for a video of microbes eating an orange, so here it is;

I hope you like it!

I'll hopefully do a n underwater video of frogspawn in a pond for next time, it should be interesting!

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