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Friday, 24 February 2017

Here Comes Doris!

I live right on the Aberystwyth seafront, which is amazing and I'm very lucky, but when storms hit it can get a bit hairy! After being kept awake by raging winds and the odd roof-tile clattering down past my window, nearly hit in the face by my front door as I left to go to the lab, and then soaked head to toe by driving rain and the high speed winds on my way back home again, I decided to go out into the stormy weather and do a video! Here it is:

 High tide, the sunset and the exciting weather all coincided at around the same time so I thought it would make for some sweet footage. It was absolutely freezing, and really windy (obviously) but it was great fun and looked fantastic! The wind drowned out any audio, it was all hissing and crackling or me mouthing words at the camera so I just put the footage to music and let the sea and storm do their thing! With the wind and cold too some of it's a little bit shakycam but it's hopefully not too bad. I hope you enjoy it!

More videos on my channel here:

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