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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Birthday Weekend in Pictures!

Last weekend was my birthday weekend! I'm now on lap 24 around the sun. I've not had time to settle back into normal life just yet, not helped by some mystery illness, but here's a quick post all about the awesome weekend I had! Complete with pictures!

It was a pretty perfect weekend, which is unusual for me as I'm not normally a big birthday person! Thank you, Ciara :) And my family too! And all my friends, especially the Nerds!

David Attenborough riding a dinosaur... best birthday card ever???
Many presents were had, especially zombie themed ones!

More zombies! This book is amazing, I love it!
Best present of all though; I got to hang out with these little guys! (Cotton eared Marmosets)

They were so friendly! And adorable. Got some great footage on the camera I'm wearing there, video will come soon!
The brown-headed one on my shoulder there is the youngest, he was born earlier this year (I've got a video of him as a tiny baby on my YouTube channel!)

I love all animals, especially primates, so this was the perfect present!

I could have stayed in there with them all day but I wasn't allowed :(

A better view of the baby one

I went round the rest of the zoo too! Some lovely animals there (Borth Animalarium, best place in Ceredigion!)

Obligatory cute meerkat picture

Hello little wallaby!

Ballsiest sheep, or greatest camouflage ever?

Lioness looking grumpy as is had just started raining

Beautiful location for it too! I love Wales!

These emus were tiny hatchlings when I saw them last, they grow up so fast!

I love flightless birds! Ostriches and Emus especially (the Rheas here tried to bite me once)
Wanted a cracker, but I'd run out by this point sadly!

She's not a zoo animal! This is my lovely cat! I went home on the saturday to have the rest of the weekend with the family, including Hollie!

Went for a lovely walk up in the mountains, the weather was perfect and the view spectacular!

Mmmm, look at that view! This is the same spot I came to to look at the stars back in March

We had a lovely sunday lunch with the folks! The dog wasn't allowed any though, as much as she wanted it!
'Please fill my bowl too!'
This is the best cake ever, my mum is a master cake maker! It tastes as great as it looks!

It was a perfect weekend, I don't have enough time or space or pictures to document every amazing thing that happened! Thank you, Ciara, and the Nerd Squad, and my family too :) Bring on being 24!

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