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Thursday, 21 July 2016

What are Friendly Bacteria? (First science video!)

For months I've been wanting to make science videos (rather than just sunset timelapses or videos of fun adventures I have) , and for weeks I've been working on it on and off. So here it is: 'What are Friendly Bacteria?'

I thought that since I'm calling this blog 'friendly bacteria' I should probably explain what I mean by that! I always had it in my mind as a first video topic, but it's taken me way longer to actually do the video than I had hoped so it's pretty late!

I wanted to actually be on the video talking, to help with my presentation confidence and voice projection and stuff like that, but I know that nobody wants to be looking at my face for more time than they have to so I tried to add in fun visual things. The animations were done using an app on my phone, and I'm not great at drawing, but it was fun to do! I like the sketchy style it came out like, but I'm going to have to work on my drawing to make them better for future videos.

It's not the best video in the world. But I'm really competitive, so one day I'll be making the best video ever! I'll be picking out bits to improve on and try out for next time, but if there's anything you think of that I can do to improve please let me know!

I guess I should say the standard 'Like, comment, subscribe' shtick, but I've never really been into that. Do whatever you like!

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