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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Edgar the Friendly Bacteria

I wanted to set up a profile picture to use with this blog, the YouTube channel and the Twitter page (which I'm still setting up, watch this space!) So I sat down last night and drew something for it. I wanted a bacteria, but not a scary gribbly one like in so many stock cartoons. I also wanted to keep it sciency so put him in a lab coat! I thought three eyes, in the layout of the biohazard symbol, would be weird enough to suit a bacteria but drew them to be cute(ish) and nice-looking so he still has a warm, friendly feel.
I initially drew it just with pencil on a spare bit of paper, then scanned it in with my phone. I use GIMP for image editing, and turned it from pencil lines to black outlines. From there, I played around with colour gradients and patterns and stuff, leading to the finished little avatar I'm using now!
I find it really fun just messing around drawing things. Once various things arrive from Mr Amazon, I'll incorporate that into some videos I'm planning! Exciting.

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